The Secret Behind Startup Success – Kevin Hartz | Silicon Real

Kevin Hartz is the Founder & CEO of Eventbrite

As the Founder and CEO of Eventbrite, Kevin Hartz has quite an impressive C.V. Not only does he run the world’s leading self-service ticketing platform with $200 million of investment that has processed over 200 million tickets worth over $2.5 billion, he has also personally invested early in PayPal, AirBnB and Pinterest among others.

But Kevin isn’t your typical Silicon Valley CEO. He is introspective and philosophical noting that Eventbrite has been fortunate over the years to ride the waves of other successful technologies like Google search and SEO. He is also aware that in our ultra-connected social media world, us humans ultimately crave real, in-person interactions and events.

Since most of our guests on Silicon Real are based in London I find it uniquely fascinating to get inside the head of one of Silicon Valley’s true success stories. i think a lot can be learned from Kevin’s approach to business and life that we here in London can replicate for similar success. Enjoy!

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